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2009-11-13 23:56:37 by CockJokeTheHardening

Its a penis out a vagina

Lockerz invites!

2009-09-24 16:29:26 by CockJokeTheHardening

I will be giving out Lockerz invites. I know already TONS of people are doing this but I thought i might do it to. Lockerz is a site much like Swagbucks or Points2Shop but is way more simple. Instead of doing offers or referring people, all you need to do for Lockerz is comment on the dailies if you wish 2 points, log on each day which is 2 points, or refer people which is 2 points unless you invite 20 people, which means you are a Z-Lister. Being a Z-Lister means everything you do, you will get double the points! I am giving out invites because right now, Lockerz is invite only. If you want an invite, PM me or comment on this. I will need your email. I will not spam!

pritty penniii

2009-09-17 20:02:28 by CockJokeTheHardening

hai guize do u want a pretty prnnyyyyyy ? then u must OMG SUPRISE COCK JOKE!!!1!11!!!!!!1!!1!oneone!!1!